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Meet the Team

Chiropractor San Anselmo CA Heidi Skye

Chiropractor Heidi Skye D.C.

Dr. Heidi Skye has an extensive background in science, holistic health and pediatric care. She is a caring and knowledgable healer who merges the worlds of science, philosophy and alternative healthcare. She is a passionate public speaker, advocate for natural healthcare for families and a community resource.

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  • Faculty Life Chiropractic College West 1998-2001
  • Masters of Science in Neuroendocrinology - University of Denver
  • Bachelors of Science/ Minor in Physics and French - University of Denver

Dr. Skye did her undergraduate studies at the University of Denver where she majored in Biology. Her college career included a swimming scholarship and she was selected to be a undergraduate laboratory instructor. This fueled her interest in teaching and began her lifelong involvement in education. Her Master's degree was in Neuroendocrinology and was offered to her on scholarship for her academic excellence. Her graduate studies work was published in two peer reviewed journals including Peptides and the Journal of Comparative Endocrinology.

While in graduate school Dr. Skye had a serious skiing injury which landed her in a chiropractic office. The care she received their resulted in a complete healing of her accident injuries and also educated her about the power of chiropractic care. While receiving chiropractic adjustments in grad school she experienced huge shifts in her health including the resolution of long term serious allergies. This experience shifted her allopathic perspective on health to one of holism and natural healthcare.

Dr. Skye changed her trajectory from medicine to Chiropractic because she identified the truth that working with the healing system of the body was more powerful than suppressing it. She attended Life University in Atlanta for her Chiropractic degree. Here she was tapped to be a paid intern in research department of the university. This provided her the opportunity to work with severely ill and disabled individuals as well as traditional patients from the clinic. This venue also brought many children in to her life as she became one of the interns who resonated with and cared for disabled little ones.

In addition, she ran the Pediatrics club and studied with the grandfather of Chiropractic Pediatrics, Dr. Larry Webster. Thus, she is proficient in the Webster Breech Turning Technique for pregnant women and offers care for women during their pregnancies.

After graduating from Chiropractic School Dr. Skye opened a practice in Oakland, California. Her practice included people of all ages and with varied health issues. During this time she was also an instructor at Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward, California. Here she taught pediatric adjusting, skeletal anatomy, embryology, toxicology and chiropractic philosophy. She enjoyed a national speaking career and traveled to educate others about the power of the body's innate healing systems.

Dr. Skye then transitioned to living in Marin County. She started a family and has one son, Hawke who is 11 years old. Dr. Skye was also a foster parent and has a wonderful young girl named Shaylin in her life from this experience.

Dr. Heidi has cared for thousands of people from newborns to seniors. She has a specialty in caring for children and newborns. Her practice includes care for pregnant women and cranial chiropractic work done for babies minutes after their birth. As an athlete herself she also understands and cares for clients with sports injuries. Her expertise has been sought out by many people suffering from chronic illness and infection.

Dr. Heidi has been practicing in San Anselmo for 12 years and enjoys the Marin lifestyle. Her list of loves include: reading, teaching, studying spirituality, yoga, hiking and camping all over California, visiting lakes and hot springs, preparing delicious and sharing delicious food and being with family and friends.

Chiropractor San Anselmo CA Erin Heck


Dr. Erin was born and raised in the Arizona desert. Her passion for chiropractic was sparked as a young girl. She watched her mother get adjusted by a chiropractor, which opened her eyes to the power and gentleness of the adjustment. She was thrown into the physical therapy and chiropractic world during her own recovery from knee surgery following a soccer injury.

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After receiving her Bachelors in Kinesiology at ASU, she moved to the Bay Area to study at Life Chiropractic College West. She has built a reputation for having a gentle touch, a kind demeanor, and a passion for holistic healthcare. She believes every adjustment should be tailored to the individual and should be a collaborative but recharging experience. When she is not in the office, she enjoys tending to her succulent garden, exploring Marin and spending time with her partner, Peter and cat, Marley.

Chiropractic San Anselmo CA Delmy

Office Coordinator Delmy Reyes

When you arrive At Skye Family Chiropractic you will receive a warm welcome by our Office Coordinator Delmy Reyes. She will take care of all your needs at the front desk as well as answer any questions you may have related to your appointment. She is a kind, heart-centered individual who understands the importance of chiropractic care. 

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Delmy is fluent in Spanish and her family members enjoy receiving care at our office. Her skills and knowledge create a positive environment and keep our practice functioning at the highest level so our chiropractors can focus on providing quality service to our patients. When she is not serving patients with us, she enjoys spending time with her husband, Juan and her 2 dogs.


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Skye Family Chiropractic
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