Chiropractic Testimonials

Chiropractic San Anselmo CA Mother and Baby Happy
Chiropractic San Anselmo CA Father and Child on the Beach

A healthier and happier self

"My mother brought me in for chiropractic when I was a newborn after a difficult birth.  Healing…. happens here. After a treatment my body feels more fluid and more alive, physical activities are easier and more fun, and I feel very balanced and grounded. I still come for adjustments when I am home from college to counteract my stress and stay well."

- Asher F.

Here, we know we're taken care of

"Since starting care at SFC I've noticed that my kids' bodies have been calmer overall; it helps them get balanced and recentered. My son is very active and athletic and was frequently falling down and hurting himself; he's way more comfortable in his body and less tense after chiropractic care. Plus, I don't know how I could've gotten through my pregnancy without chiropractic."

- Amanda S. and family

I'm grateful I've found someone who can help me.

"I couldn't walk, drive, work; I couldn't do anything. The gentle care here keeps my body flexible and pain-free without medication. I love the exercises they give me to do at home so I can do my part to stay healthy. It's so helpful that I can choose between different payment plans."

- Dana O.

From daily sufferer to consistent, happy customer

"I was experiencing debilitating pain in my elbow and lower back and it was interfering with my daily life. The amazing care I received resolved my discomfort and I now enjoy regular adjustments to keep me tuned up. I love how when I arrive at the practice it's bright, sunny, and clean. The staff at Skye Family Chiropractic is helpful and the office is centrally located near the Hub."

- Ellen T.

10 out of 10

"At age 60 I turned into a rigid walker, my body locked up, with no mobility - that's when I came in for help. I have been deeply and positively affected by the care at SFC and my body is very receptive to this work. Since starting chiropractic here I've had a serious increase in mobility - more than I ever could have expected.

(I also love that the practice accepts Medicare.)"

- Eugene H.

Amazing doctors

"My body had a lot of pain and needed help! The care here helped me cut down on my pain meds tremendously and the doctors explained things to me other doctors didn't - like the fact that scoliosis was causing my pain. The environment is all about learning and education about big and small things related to health. I love it here!"

- Nancy K.

An all-body and soul approach

"The care at Skye Family Chiropractic is personal, even when it's busy. Adjustments are tailored to my special needs and I feel the attention to detail. I've brought my children here as they have grown to manage childhood injuries and keep them healthy."

- Natascha W.

Care beyond compare

"I came in because I hadn't had a checkup in ten years and was feeling the effects of aging. Choosing chiropractic was the best solution for me to keep playing pickleball and spending quality time with my family (who I also bring in). I love how easy it is to schedule and the charming staff - not to mention chips and salsa days! I plan on continuing care here for the rest of my life for wellness and maintenance."

- Max


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